Social Care System

We're Lucky.... But We Shouldn't Be

We're Lucky.... But We Shouldn't Be

We’re lucky.  Really lucky.  We have a wonderful local carer (take a bow Lorna!) who comes in every weekday morning to get Dad breakfasted, washed, dressed and up and about.  Dad enjoys her company and it’s time out for me.  Winners all round.

Lorna is paid through the Self-Directed Support Scheme (SDS). Under SDS our family is given money by our local Health and Social Care Partnership to employ our own carer.  The carer is chosen by us and works the hours that we want (within our designated budget). 

It’s designed to be flexible, responsive to the individual’s needs and to put the individual and their family in control.  In principle, it’s a sound idea – but there’s one major flaw.

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